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4 Days Danakil Depression Tour Option B

Day 1, Mekele – ErtaleThis Day one we arrive at the camp after a relaxed 6 hours drive and 2 hours off roading, and a snack at the camp, our guests will rest for a nap break until 0100 am overlooking the glowing red dusk on the horizon 7km to the east. then at around 0800am of Day 2 trekking will begin to mount Ertale accompanied by camel and cook cooking stuff, once we arrive at the camp in rim of the volcano you will take a break and after sunrise we take you for a tour inside the caldera and visit different fascinating sites and the lava lake it self, and different activities inside the caldera.

In the evening you visit the lava lake and at around 0100am the tour will trek down to the camp from Ertale mountain.

Day 3,

After breakfast in the camp we drive 80km to Hamedela via Dodome Namigubi village, the 80km drive will take 5 hours because its dirt road but an adventurous crossing the Danakil wilderness. once we arrive in Hamedela, we drive north to Lake Assale (Karum) for a beautiful sun set in Lake Asale salt flats. then we drive back to Hamedela camp and overnight will be in the bamboo beds under 1000 stars and big chance to capture the Milky way.

Day 4,

After breakfast early in the morning we start our journey, with 45km through Dallol Depression. On our round we visit different places like salt lakes (red and black water), the colorful salt lakes and thermo active springs of Dallol, sulfuric acid yellow lakes, potash mountains, colorful hydrotermal mountain of Dallol, the wide white salt desert, a cave and pure natural designed rocks, salt Canyons, and the field where the Tigray and Afar people excavate salt in the traditional way and load it to the camel caravans, finally start the excursion  back to Mekele via Berahale we will stop for lunch in Berahale, at around 4pm we will be in Mekelle.

Note this special option B is designed for more comfort whilst trekking to Ertale volcano and for travelers who prefer less rush whilst in Ertale, Like photographers who want to Take Time in one of the few active volcano creators in the world.