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Danakil Depression Tour Price

In the new world market we get what we paid for. In most travel forums there is different kind of price mentioned by travelers who traveled to Danakil depression before but most of the forums are misleading for some travelers sometimes ruining some traveler’s reason of the trip.

In the mainstream cheap travel agencies who operate daily super large groups to the Danakil Depression it is common to see two types of travelers,

1st one is the majority, this are travelers who just want to see the Danakil and take few pictures with their smart phone to show it to friends or loved ones back at home

2nd one I would call them TV crews from my experience and thus are professional photographers, and there is no way you can mix this two in one group and live in peace. I mean Don’t get me wrong but in most cases the first type consider the photographers slowing the trip, they don’t care, they are always behind the camera and so on.. The point of view of the photographers towards the first type is even worst there are times when we witnessed photographers traveling with the cheap companies refusing to get out of the car because they didn’t come to Danakil to take a picture of 30-40 tourists in them; it ruins the nature of the picture. It’s a pity but thanks to God this never happens in Great Ethiopian Tour because we will understand the reason of your trip when your first email arrives in our inbox

Danakil Depression Package Tour Price

  1. Private photography Tour – Designed for photographers, family vacationers or honeymooners, or friends
  2. Standard GET 3 days Danakil Tour– This option is where the group will be less than 10 travelers and a window seat which means 3 travelers per a land cruiser price is – $500/pax
  3. Joining small Group for Danakil Depression Tour price is – $400/pax

 Package price includes

Entrance fees,  Security fees, world class cook, and cooking stuff, camping gear, Latest land cruisers, 4 person/land cruiser, car fuel, driver, guide fees, non limited amount of mineral water.

Package price excludes –

Tips and alcoholic drinks.

 Necessity to pack for the Danakil Depression

  • Torch Lights , Head lamps
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Trekking pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Trekking shorts and light clothes
  • We provide generator but we advise you bring light power bank
  • If your trip is in scientific expedition lab gears