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Application Structure for Film shooting In Ethiopia 

A foreigner wishing to shoot films in Ethiopia shall submit a letter of assignment on official letter head duly signed by publisher/assignment editor/bureau chief addressed to federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Embassy of near to you .

1.    The application shall contain, among other things.

  •         The name of the company.
  •         The name, the passport number and the nationality of the filming crew.
  •         The purpose and title of the film.
  •         Duration of the shooting and exact location where it takes place.
  •         The production cost of the film.
  •         Name and Telephone of the contact person or organization in Ethiopia 

2.    The applicant shall submit together with his application.

  •         A copy of the film script along with its synopsis for feature films or synopsis for documentary films.
  •         A list of equipment necessary for shooting film, in 3 copies.
  •         One passport size photograph at arrival

3.     A foreigner applying for shooting film in Ethiopia shall pay to the Office a permit fee.

4.     Where an applicant wishes to use an aircraft for shooting a film, he should obtain a flight permit from the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority.

5.   The application has to be addressed to the Government Communication Affairs Office Foreign Media Accreditation.

6.   Visa type of all crew members shall be journalist visa.

7.    Departure from Ethiopia/Flight No/ Date/ Time/.


The permit and letter to the customs shall be issued immediately when the film crew members appear in person and sign an undertaking to adhere to the conditions of permit and respect the laws of the country.
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