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Danakil Depression Tour Safety

Danakil Depression Tour Safety – Since the peace deal and reforms happened between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2018 the safety of expeditions to Danakil Depression is improved. but still the danger in Danakil Depression is not only a man made, nature can also be a danger to travelers.

Below are Some safety precautions

1, It is impossible to travel on your own so find tours from Mekele or Addis Ababa in Advance. you Are more than welcome to travel with us.

2, Make a detailed agreement on the size & Numbers of the group you will join.

3, for any size of a group it can be 1 private traveler or 12 tourists or even 60 tourists the number of the security guards is always 4 men so Avoid big groups

4, Make sure you are traveling with tour operators who care.

5, Don’t stray far or do Not leave your group!

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