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September 11 marks the beginning of the Ethiopian new year, it is September 1 for Ethiopians, the rain season will fade away and with it brings greenery, the country in general is flowery beautiful and fresh until May in which temperature can rise up to 30 degrees then followed by rainy season starting from June. Well this is for the central and northern highlands. In this case the best time to visit the the highlands is from September up to may.

In Omo Valley the rainy season starts different it started in March up to may. then there is the Danakil Depression which gets no rain at all, however the Danakil Depression is right in front of the Tigray highlands and this means  highlands and when ever rains in the Tigray region always streams down to the depression flooding the Danakil plus the pick of the hit in the Danakil is in the month of Jun July and August. so basically in the months of Jun July August are not the best months to visit the Danakil.

Best Time to Visit Ethiopia

It makes it easier for travelers looking to join groups practical to visit in the months when the tourism is at its pick, which is from September – April. Great Ethiopian tours get requests in all the months of the year but the tours to the Danakil Depression in the months from May – August will be private tours as it is low season and not many travelers to join. but private tour is possible even in the months, just expect 45 degrees of heat.

In General September to April is best time to visit Ethiopia. but Ethiopia have 13 months of sunshine, it always best time to travel, so visit now. what are you waiting for? contact us for more advise before you travel or continue reading the pages about how to stay healthy and safe during your visit to Ethiopia and so on.

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