Ethiopia Tour and Holyday Packages

Our objective while curating this page is to ensure that you get the best possible experience while optimizing your travel time. Who wants to spend their vacation stuck in traffic? and therefore, we have carefully combined different locations in one page. This way, we can offer you a better price than when visiting each location separately.

Addis Ababa Area Ethiopia Tour and Holyday Packages

Addis Ababa a city in East Africa inhabited by 5 million dwellers is known to be the capital city of Africa. But it got its tittle for a reason because its cosmopolitan population gives it a colorful meaning and it is one of the oldest capitals in Africa. Holy trinity cathedral, Merkato, National Museum, and among other tings are a must visit if you are in the city. Ethiopia tour and holyday packages.

Addis Ababa City Tours Vacation

Wonchi Creator Lake Tour

Awash National Park Safari

North Ethiopia Tour and vacation Packages

The north part of Ethiopia or the late Abyssinia Kingdome is known for being history hub of Ethiopia. Starting from Axum and Yiha where it all begin 3000 years ago then we can go down mountains, monasteries from 3rd century AD, palaces and the famous Lalibela rock hewed churches.

Axum & Tigray Mountains

Lalibela 2 Days Tour Price from $750

Gondar City Tour Price from $200

Semien Mountains Price from $850

Lake Tana Monastery Price From $750

Mekelle City Tour price from $100

The Danakil Depression tour is a unique and exciting travel experience for adventurous travelers. It is a geological wonder located in the Afar region of Ethiopia, known for its colorful landscapes, hot springs, salt flats, and active volcanoes. Great Ethiopian Tours

Danakil Depression 3 Days Tour

Danakil Depression 4 Days Tour

Best of Ethiopia Tour 12 Days

South Ethiopia Tour Packages

Tribes of the Omo River valley is home to 8 tribes known for their traditional life style. this are the Mursi, Bodi (Me’en), Suri, Hamar, Dasenach, Kara (Karo), Banna, Nyangatom (Bume). our private tour of Ethiopian tour and holyday package are the best way to discover the tribes of the Omo river valley. they are totaly custom made and private for adventure lovers who want to discover the souther part of Ethiopia.

Omo Valley Tour Price from $850

Bale Mountains price from $850

Chebera Churchura National Park