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Travel Ethiopia 13 monthes of Sunshine

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is a vast beautiful country, located in the North East part of Africa commonly known as the horn of Africa. It is bordering by 6 countries

The country is full of melting and contrasting views, which provide tourists with a unique spectacle. From the highest iconic mountains 4800m Above See Level to the Lowest Lava Lake -130m Under See Level, through to the spectacular wildlife, From history & Historic building art to the distinct culture, all combined make Ethiopia a paradise for the travel world.

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Beautiful People

Ethiopia is a highly diverse multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country containing more than 80 different ethnic groups, each with their own languages, different culture and beauty. The people are welcoming, considerate and non-confrontational this is because of the sense of morality and cultural refrainment shaped by practice made for centuries. Ethiopians are known for their hospitality and kindness towards foreigners.

The Geez script is an abugida, which is used by few Ethiopian languages like Amharic, Tigrina and Gurage and etc. and the graphemes of the Geez writing system are called fidäl.

In Fidal each character represents a consonant+vowel sequence, but the basic shape of each character is determined by the consonant, which is modified for the vowel. Book Your Trip with us if you want to Learn the Abogida at list you learn how to write your name.

In fact, we Ethiopians also use our own calendar which is driven by the Coptic orthodox Christian Church and for example December 29 2024 will be December 19 2016 Ethiopian calendar. That’s awesome isn’t it. We are younger than the entire world.


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Ethiopian History

Ethiopians are one of the oldest societies in the world. One of the first Kingdome to rise to power is the Damat Kingdome in the 10th century before Christ which established its kingdom in Yiha near Axum in the Tigray region. During the 4th century King Ezana of Axum introduced Christianity as state religion.

By the 8th century the Axumit Kingdome was weekend because it lost the trade in the red sea due to expansion of Islam in the area then give away its power to the Zagwe Dynasty which built the and made its center in Lalibela. In 1932 the Kingdome of Godar was established. Fast forward the legacy of Ethiopia’s past is visible at present times. Great Ethiopian Tours

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