Grand Ethiopian Tour 15 Days

Grand Ethiopia Tour 15 Days – Ethiopia is without a doubt a country with a lot of history, culture and natural attractions and a lot to offer for travelers. In this tour we will show you the best ones!


Grand Ethiopia Tour 15 Days

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Day 1, Arriving in Addis Ababa

Arriving in Addis Ababa, you’ll be met by your private tour guide and assisted to your hotel for the evening. O/N in hotel of your standard

Day 2, Lalibela

In the morning you will catch ET100 flight to Lalibela, your private tour guide by your side then in Lalibela you will be welcomed by GET Land cruiser head to the town, there after you check in you will directly go visit the first section of magnificent rock hewn churches of Lalibela. You basically have a full Day exploring the small town and its magnificent UNESCO world heritage sites. In the evening you guide will take you for a folkloric dinner in Lalibela. O/N in Hotel of your Standard.

Grand ethiopia tour 15 days

Day 3, Lalibela – Mekele

In the morning you will drive north of Lalibela to visit the Last remaining Rock church known as Nakutalab which is located 1 hour north of Lalibela, via this route you will continue to Mekele a city 5 hours north of Lalibela. Once you arrive in Mekele you will Settle in your hotel and relax the evening and get a good night sleep to save energy because you will be on your way the Danakil Depression by the next day. O/N in a hotel of your choice.

Day 4, Mekele – Ertale

At 10am Our Driver will pick you from your location and drive you to Ertale base camp. After a relaxed slow driving at 5:00pm you will arrive at the base camp then @ 06:30 30-minute trekking will take you to Ertale. O/N camping in the rim of Ertale

Grand Ethiopia Tour 15 Days

Day 5, Ertale – Dallol

Starting at 8:30am you will drive from base camp in Ertale & at 4:00pm you arrive in Hamedela then continue to lake Asale salt flats and enjoy birth taking sunset & a splendid camel caravans transporting salt from Lake Asale. O/N camping in Hamedela

Day 6, Dallol – Hawzen

In this day you will visit Dallol colorful mountain, Camel caravan, Lake Asale salt flats, traditional salt excavating methods, sulfuric acid ponds, swim in the Salt Lake. finally drive back to Wukro and at 05:30pm arrive in Wukro. O/N in a Lodge in Wukro

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Day 7, Tigray churches – Axum

In the early morning after breakfast, you will drive to Tigray Mountain churches to climb the magnificent mountains near Howzen. The Abune yemata Guh and the Korkor. After spending a full Day in Tigray Mountains, you will drive to Axum.

O/N in Hotel of your choice.

Day 8, Full day in Axum

This day you will have a private guided day tour in the ancient city of Axum and the legacy of a civilization once controlled the red sea, then drive 15km outside of the city to visit Yiha the temple of the god of the sun Almokah.

O/N in Hotel in Axum.

Day 9, Axum – Gondar

In the morning you will do a short flight of 15 minutes to Gondar city, from here you will drive north for one hour and arrive at the Semien mountains and you will do a guided trekking and watch the Galada Baboon, Walia Ibex, and the red fox.

O/N camping in Semien Mountains.

Day 10, Semien Mountains – BahirDar

This day you will pass by Gondar a take a city tour then continues to BahirDar which is 3 hours driving south.

O/N in hotel in BahirDAr

Day 11, Lake Tana – ArbaMinch

Visit the Lake Tana Monasteries then in the afternoon flight to Arbaminch.

O/N in Arbaminch Hotel

Day 12, Flight to Jinka

Your driver will pick you up from Arba Minch airport on your arrival and road trip to Jinka through the fertile hills of South Ethiopia and at the Gate of Jinka the warning up visit starts by exploring the life of Ari Tribe in their village.

O/N in Hotel in Jinka.

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Day 13 Mursi & Mago National Park

Excursions to Mago National Park and visiting the far located less visited village of the lip platted Mursi. After spending reasonable time interacting with Mursi Tribe, we will continue to the friendly Hammer Tribe and attend the daily activity inside their hut.

There is 90% probability to witness bull jumping ceremony on market days. O/N in a Lodge in Turmi village

Day 14, Dasenech – Karo Tribes

Excursions to Omorate and crossing the omo river with a dugout canoe to the village of Dassenech. Then after, up on our return to Turmi, continue to hunt festivals and ceremonies in case if there was no any on the previous day. O/N in Lodge in Turmi.

Day 15 Addis Ababa

Drive back to Arba Minch, a quick visit to the world heritage of the Konso village. flight from Arba Minch to Addis Abeba. transfer you to your hotel in Addis Abeba.

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Grand ethiopia Tour 15 Days

Detaile on the Grand Ethiopia Tour 15 Days


The Duration of this Tour is as mentioned in the title 15 days.


The price depends on the accomodation and the budget of your interest. we offer 3 type of tour regarding the accomodation and this are Deluxe, Standard & Budget.


Tour Includes

Car, Driver, Fuel, Food, Mineral water, Accommodation, Domestic Flights, Private Tour Guide Fee, All Enterance Fees.


Tour Excludes

International Flights, Alcholic Drinks.




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