How to visit Danakil Depression & What to Expect

On your Danakil Depression tour with us you can expect beautiful natural scenery, a total of 650km driving, window seat in our brand-new land cruisers, relaxing drive across the plains, delicious food and great company. Our service is second to none!

Booking Your Danakil Depression Tour

You can can email us or use our whatsapp number to communicat with our manegement and book the tour by depositing 10% of the total price. the due will be setteled on arrival prior to the trip. kindly us the or +251983802183 for WhatsApp or calling. 

Vehicles Utilized for Danakil Depression Tour

In a trip that involves more than 600km in which a quarter is offroad driving our company find the Toyota Land cruiser 70 practical. This are SUVs designed to with stand Africa’s poor infrastructure. Almost all the United Nation organizations including UNESCO plus most of the Ethiopian Government system including the Army is using the same type of SUV for the purpose.