Omo Valley Photography Tour

Day 1
Driving from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch and 10 km before reaching Arba minch we turn our way to the mount Guge and visit the Tribe of Dorze. 
Overnight Hotel in Arba Minch.
Day 2
Early morning after having breakfast excursion to lake Chamo and visiting the crocodile market in Arba Minch and driving to Jinka. we will stop by in mid way and have a quick start up visit to Tsemay Tribe. 
Overnight Hotel in Jinka.
Day 3
Excursions to Mago National Park and visiting the far located less visited village of the lip platted Mursi. After spending reasonable time interacting with Mursi Tribe, returning to Jinka and exploring Ari Tribe. 
Overnight Hotel in JJinka
Day 4
Driving to Key Afer and visiting the Banna tribe. On Saturday we visit Demeka and visiting the Saturday market of Demeka, On Tuesday Alduba Market and on Monday Turmi colorful Market of Hammer and on this days there will be 90% probability to witness the bull jumping ceremony. 
Overnight Hotel in Turmi.
Day 5
Early morning driving to Omorate and crossing the omo river with canoe and visiting the Dasenech tribe.
Afternoon driving back to Turmi and visiting the Hamer tribe. 
Overnight camping in Turmi, in hammer village with hammer family.
Day 6
Excursion to Karo and visiting the Karo Tribe. They are known for clay face decoration. Afternoon up on our return to Turmi, hunting for festivals and ceremonies in case if there wasn’t on the previous days or we proceed to the second visit of the far located less visited village of Hammer Tribe. 
Overnight Hotel in Turmi.
Day 7
Driving to Konso and visiting the Konso village and then to Arba Minch.
Overnight Hotel in Arba minch.
Day 8
driving back to Addis.
Basically in 8 days tour, the 1st and the last days are driving to get to the tribe and driving back. So it means 6 tour days and in 6 days, we will visit two tribes from upper omo valley, crocodile market, 6 tribes from lower omo valley, 3 or 4 trial markets, bull jumping ceremony.  The above is 100% granted and is the least we can promise. Omo Valley photography Tour