Addis Ababa Sightseeing

Addis Ababa Sightseeing

Hub of cultural and historical treasures. True to its name, which means ‘new flower’ in Amharic, the city is still unfolding, slowly revealing its secrets to travelers from around the world.

– In the morning our driver will pick you from airport and drive to the national museum where you will visit Lucy the great grand Mom. Time of pick up will be discussed let us say at 09:00am

9:30am you will drive to Entoto mountain for a great view of Addis Ababa, the first settlements of Addis around the Entoto palace and museum.

10:30am Drive down the mountain Entoto and visit the ShiroMeda traditional textile market, such an ideal place to buy a good souvenir.

12:00am We will take you to Holy Trinity cathedral.

01:00pm a local buffet will be served for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

02:30 we will drive to Mercato, which is the largest open market in Ethiopia. On the way visit the St George cathedral. St George is not that far from the Market plus the fact that it is in the afternoon we have no problem getting around, you see the market is sooo busy in the mornings that it can take hours to get even nearby.

04:30 we will take you to the Ethiopian Ethnographic Museum and finally Martyrs Museum that is if you are interested in the Communist regimes and the atrocities committed.

After 06:00  we we will take you to your room to dress up if you plan for our Addis Ababa Night Out Tour  or we can just take you for folkloric music dinner. otherwise we will take you to the airport wishing that you a nice flight.