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Danakil Depression Tour Price

How much does the Danakil Depression tour cost? the Danakil depression tour price starts at $300 / person but it seriously depends on what you are looking for and your intersts.

Danakil depression Tour Price?

The Danakil depression tour price depends on what you are looking for, your interests and possibly your physical fitness. To clearly answer this question let me give you a clue on what types of travelers you are joining with to visit the Danakil depression and what the group tours are and how it works.

Danakil tour requires a pre arrangements and every one must be on time everywhere in the desert. Let us say there are Elderly people, youngsters, one middle size family, a highly professional photographers and this group of young guys who just want to snap picture with their iphons and some are layovers. When you mix all this tours it will definitely never work out.

Why is the Danakil Depression so Expenssive?

  • First the entire Afar region is a vast desert area far away from human activity located in east Africa.
  • There will be an eastimated driving of 600km to visti from Mekele or around 1000km if you visit from Semera.
  • Eventhough spartan it includes camping
  • When you visit a vast desert in east Africa you will definetly need an escort of 4 local police at all time, until you leave the area.

So in this case Quantity becomes a Quality In the business prispective. Thats why travel agencys do large groups and lower the price this way they can collect so many travlers on a chip price and benefit from mass. it looks smart but it can bring about a hell for some type of travelers.

Why you need to be warry of the group tour price?

Sometimes low price can mean compromising your safety, as the tour companies will be stretched on the budget. Most of the tourism in Ethiopia is done traditionally so most of them wont even bother if you have a dietary requirement. Simply they will not ask on the purpose of your trip. I remember a commercial film crew communicating us and run away from price of our Danakil Depression Photography Tour to only find them self in a group of 48 tourists. This film crew was a lucky one, Some even get unlucky and didnt make it out.

Benefits of group tours

  • You share costs with plenty others
  • You meet new friends for the next trip
  • Your group can be a good chat when your guide is busy.

Avoid group tour if

  • Avoid groups if you want to take perfect pictures with no tourist in them.
  • If you seriously want to learn and get to know the locals around you..
  • If you have a family to look after.
  • If you are on a business trip it is a big NO.
  • If you want to take time and relax in places of choice.