Afar Triangle

danakil depression tour info

Afar Triangle is a geological depression caused by the continental rifting of Afar triple junction in Eastern Africa.

Where is Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression is located in the North part of the Afar triangle in Ethiopia.

Danakil Depression Geology

The Danakil Depression is the result of triple plate tectonic movement that is ripping the Africa Arabian and the semolina plates apart. The Danakil depression is the hottest place on earth in terms of year-round average temperature, its also one of the lowest place on earth being -120m under sea level  and without a rainfall for most of the year round.

Danakil Depression Temperature

Danakil Depression is known by many as the hottest place on earth for a reason as the months May Jun and July the highest temperature recorded is 60 degrees and at night 45 degrees, sometime in the evenings can also be very dray cold and windy.

How to Get To Danakil Depression

With the organizing and all its impossible to do Danakil depression tour on your own so contact a tour in Mekele or Addis Ababa. Almost 99% of tours depart from Mekele and ends in Mekele. Domestic flights are the practical way to travel around Ethiopia and Mekele city hosts the second biggest run way in Ethiopia. If you plan to use more domestic flights across Ethiopia make sure to buy your intel flight in and out of Ethiopia from Ethiopian Airways. You will get 40% discount on the domestic flights.


Things to do in Danakil Depression

Erta Ale – the longest continually erupted volcano

Lake Asale – Is the second largest salt flat on earth next to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni and its also the second lowest place in Africa next to lake Asale in Djibouti

Dallol colorful mountain

Camel Caravans – Transporting salt


Danakil Depression Animals

Danakil Depression is one of the most inhospitable places on Earth but some form of life loves this and they are known as the Extrimopholis or Haidrophilia bacteria in the Dallol Mountain. Beside this to the eastern part of the Danakil you can see the rare African wild Donky native to Danakil, Gazelles, and Different kind of birds.

Danakil Depression Safety

Since the peace deal and reforms happened between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2018 the safety of expeditions to Danakil Depressionis improved. but still the danger in Danakil Depression is not only a man made, nature can also be a danger to travelers just in January a women was left behind at Dallol mountain by her tour agency then when they got back to her after 2 hours already suffering heat stroke from the temperature.

Below are Some safety precautions

1, It is impossible to travel on your own so find tours from Mekele or Addis Ababa in Advance. you Are more than welcome to travel with us.

2, Make a detailed agreement on the size & Numbers of the group you will join. 

3, for any size of a group it can be 1 private traveler or 12 tourists or even 60 tourists the number of the security guards is always 4 men so Avoid big groups

4, Make sure you are traveling with tour operators who care.

5, Don’t stray far or do Not leave your group!

Necessity to pack for the Danakil Depression

  • Torch Lights , Head lamps
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Trekking pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Trekking shorts and light clothes
  • We provide generator but we advise you bring light power bank
  • If your trip is in scientific expedition lab gears

Our Three Package Tour Price

  1. Private photography Tour – Designed for photographers, family vacationers or honeymooners, or friends
  2. Standard GET 3 days Danakil Tour– This option is where the group will be less than 10 travelers and a window seat which means 3 travelers per a land cruiser price is – $500/pax
  3. Joining Group price – $300/pax

Package price includes

Entrance fees,  Security fees, world class cook, and cooking stuff, camping gear, Latest land cruisers, 4 person/land cruiser, car fuel, driver, guide fees, non limited amount of mineral water.

Package price excludes –

Tips and alcoholic drinks.