About Mekele

Tours From Mekele is the second largest city 780km north of the capital Addis Ababa. it is the capital of Tigray regional government with slightly over 500,000 people living in it.

Things To do In Mekele

Emperor Yohannes IV Palace

Edaga haki open Market

Communist war memorial monument

The Tours From Mekele Among other things this are are to visit in Mekele besides what makes Mekele important in the Ethiopian Tourism is that it is the center or 0 point to the combined tour of Lalibela, Danakil Depression Ertale Tigray Church’s and Axum plus Yiha.

Hotels In Mekele

as a second largest city in Ethiopia it is easy to find a hotel of your choice in Mekele, in almost all kind of standard hotels are there in Mekele. Our office is located in the city center per the map below.

Ethiopian Airline Flight 

There are 7 daily flights from Addis Ababa to Mekele Alula Abanega airport with the first one arriving at 08:15am and last one arriving at 10pm in the evening.

Abune Yemata : Mariam Korkor : Danael Korkor are Located 1 hour driving north of Mekele.

Mariam korkor

Abune Manta Guh

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